Thrive 45 delivers more value and competitive pricing.

Thrive 45 is a benefits package designed to help you outperform with features like:

  1. Expense Control Pricing
  2. Flexible funding options
  3. WorkPerks from PPI Benefits
  4. HR à la Carte
  5. Acclaim Ability Management
  1. Superior AD&D
  2. Free Cancer Rider
  3. Self-insured Dental option
  4. Tandem Support Services
  5. C.A.R.E. Customer Service

Expense Control - A key performance metric.

Expense Control Pricing is a unique underwriting methodology offered exclusively through PPI Benefits. ECP was developed to allow employers to identify and stabilize specific costs in their Benefits program. The costs of providing administration, adjudication, and consulting services generally do not increase at the same pace as Health and Dental premiums so by delinking those expenses from usage increases, ECP provides long-term cost savings.

PPI Benefits. Helping You outperform.