Affordable HR consulting services, always there when you need help and with discounted packages available.

How can you save 50% or more in fees?

Through our affiliation with HR à la Carte, you can engage cost-effective HR professionals instead of always going direct to an employment lawyer. All documentation is vetted and approved by lawyers specializing in employment law, so that most HR situations don’t need consultation with a lawyer.

Affordable solutions and custom packages:

• Firing and Layoffs

Employee Problems
• Excessive sick days
• Overtime demands for unapproved work
• Didn’t show up for work after performance issues addressed

Sexual and verbal harassment complaints

Government Guidelines and Regulations
• Inform you of the law and all documents required plus action plan

Policy and Procedure Manuals and Templates

Performance Management
• Personalized coaching and group management training to enhance effectiveness

Any many more services!

When to engage a lawyer:

  1. Human Rights complaint
  2. Employee/ex-employee has hired a lawyer
  3. Specific employee firing options
  4. Complex contracts-executive employment agreements,
    non-compete agreements, etc.

HR à la Carte consultants are certified HR professionals with years of hands-on practical experience, and they provide bilingual human resources policies and practices at preferred pricing for PPI Benefits clients. Phone and on-site consultations are available.

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