Combine your knowledge and goals for your business with our technical expertise on corporate benefit plans, and the result is satisfied employees and the best return on your human, intellectual and financial capital.

Our method is structured but flexible. We use our own unique GAPP Process in the design, implementation and on-going management of employee benefits. GAPP stands for Goals, Actual Results, Possibilities and Priorities.

The GAPP Process

Listening closely to our clients ensures a “no guessing” approach. We undertake a thorough analysis of your benefit goals and priorities before we recommend an action plan for your business. We look for any gaps in your current employee and executive benefit programs and illustrate the positive outcome of closing those gaps.

Our objective is to be an extension of your team, to challenge the usual thought process and provide proactive, unbiased ideas to help you maximize the return on important human capital. PPI’s experience and expertise in tax and financial planning helps us to provide a truly customized solution for your employees and executives.

GAPP diagram


Our consultants engage you in a process of discovery that allows for the identification and definition of your benefits objectives, or Plan Purpose, which may include one or more of:

  1. the attraction and retention of quality employees
  2. flexibility
  3. tax efficiency
  4. an adequate level of protection for all employees
  5. the ability to control costs

Actual Results

Using proprietary tools, surveys and benchmarking, we evaluate and analyze your current employee and executive benefit plans to understand where improvements can be made and identify inconsistencies between existing programs and the goals you define.


We continuously look for ways to achieve significant improvements in results relative to plan goals. The creation and continuous service of benefit plans are based on five pillars that are fundamental to a successful program:

  1. Risk Mitigation
  2. Tax Efficiency
  3. Cost Containment
  4. Innovation
  5. Communication


We present an actionable plan to help you focus resources where they will have the greatest impact, outlining steps for continuous improvements over time. Regular and thorough ongoing management of your program aims to enhance the health and productivity of your team.


Service. Assured.

A technology driven consulting service platform available exclusively from PPI Benefits. ServAssure enables the delivery of proactive and reliable service by combining sophisticated data storage and retrieval capabilities with structured workflow management customized to the specific needs of each client.    

Consulting Services and Resources:

Technical Support

  1. Performing a proprietary GAPP analysis
  2. PPI Benefit’s proprietary T.E.S.T. tax efficiency review
  3. Renewal Analysis and negotiation
  4. Benchmarking
  5. Marketing of the plan to multiple carriers as required
  6. Pharmacy Benefit Management review
  7. Funding Options review
  8. Contract and Booklet reviews
  9. Union negotiation support
  10. Plan design consulting and alternatives costing
  11. Quarterly experience reviews
  12. Flex-plan consulting, communications, administration and ongoing management

Communications and Service

  1. Implementation of changes
  2. Installation of new carrier(s)
  3. Employee Communications and presentations
  4. Legislative Updates
  5. Administrative options review
  6. Total Rewards Statements
  7. Value of Benefits Statements
  8. Escalated issue resolution and claims dispute advocacy

Other Services

  1. Disability Management
  2. Human Resources support
  3. Wellness programming

PPI Benefits. Helping You outperform.