Other Services Available through PPI Benefits:

Guaranteed Standard Issue individual disability or critical illness coverage that enhances group coverage.

triAccess is health insurance coverage that helps you get
the answers and treatment
you need, so you can focus
your energy on getting well.

Helping You Outperform.

Top advisors from across Canada have trusted PPI for over 30 years to help them serve their clients and grow their business. When you work with PPI Benefits, your clients will appreciate your delivery of leading edge proprietary solutions through a team of respected industry experts.

Services to help meet clients needs and grow your business:

Thrive 45

Value-packed benefits product for groups with 10 to 200 employees

You will impress your clients and prospects with the unique value of PPI’s proprietary new benefits offering Thrive45 with innovative features including:

  1. Expense Control Pricing (ECP) – exclusive to PPI
  2. Hybrid Funding (Self-insured dental) option
  3. WorkPerks from PPI
  4. Superior AD&D with a Cancer Rider included
  5. Competitive commissions
  6. Limited AOR Protection
  7. HR support and much more!

Full Consulting Services (FCS)

For your larger groups

You can approach larger employers with confidence knowing that you can rely on the support of our team of industry experts. We can:

  1. Help turn your prospects into your clients
  2. Offer unique solutions and value to your clients
  3. Develop cross-selling opportunities for you
  4. Participate in, or lead, the sales and consulting process
  5. Provide ongoing case management and client service

Third Party Administration (TPA)

For multi-employer groups and associations

  1. Various funding arrangements
  2. Multiple carriers
  3. Convenient administration options
  4. National capability
  5. Fully bilingual service
  6. Pricing on a per case basis

PPI Benefits. Helping You outperform.